No-Rest ITU Survey

This survey is one of several related exercises being undertaken by the NO-REST consortium (Networked Organisations - Research into Standards and Standardisation) funded by the European Union′s IST Programme in the 6th Framework.

The following questionnaire aims to gain new and more in-depth insights on the impacts of standards and standardisation.

The more that can be known about the impacts of standards, the more efficiently ITU can shape its standardisation processes and the more effectively you can invest your standardisation resources. Respondents will receive a summary of the overall results.

Individual responses will be kept absolutely confidential. If you retain a copy of your own completed survey form, you may be able to compare your own responses with the aggregated analysis given in the final summary. This may allow you to "benchmark" your own experiences and assessments with the average.

NOTE: Throughout the survey we make the distinction between:
  • formal standards released by CEN/ISSS, CEN,CENELEC, ITU, ISO, IEC, UN-ECE, ARIB, ATIS, CCSA, TIA, TTA, TTC and national standardisation bodies
  • informal standards as developed in fora and consortia (i.e. IETF, W3C, OASIS, IEEE etc.) and
  • proprietary standards like Microsoft Windows.

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